Joker's Pads and Shoes

mhaggard11 <mhaggard11@...>

John, Joker's radiographs were taken March 9. He was trimmed and
reset March 6. How would you suggest I proceed with removing his
shoes and pads? He is currently walking heel first. Should I remove
them all at once? Should I go ahead and do it now or wait until his
next trim? Will he need to be trimmed or rasped differently? What
does it mean for him if the front of the pedal bone is resting on the
sole and speed of heel reduction will depend on how he stands? Will
he need boots and/or pads? And what kind of boots and/or pads would
he need?

The other issue I have going on is a calcification of the tendon
sheath in the right front ankle. Six months ago I asked my vet to
check him because he was limping and I had witnessed him spook and
spin in the barn aisle. The next couple of days he limped on that
right front foot. At the time he didn't see anything on the x-ray
nor on the ultra sound. He injected his ankle with cortisone. When
the vet came by to x-ray his feet last week I asked him to watch him
trot and he was definitely lame on that front right foot. The x-ray
of the ankle now shows the calcification. When the vet reviewed the
x-ray from six months ago he now sees where it was and it has doubled
in size. Joker avoids trotting or cantering at this point. How will
taking the shoes and pads off affect the ankle?

Joker Hill Farm