Conan Hoof Discussion - Claire

5 Pine Ranch

Claire, thank you so much for all the details.  We've had no x-rays done as of yet.  Our plan was to give him time to see if he comes around.  I kind of had the feeling, and was reinforced in your response, that there is the *who knows* thought of what could/is actually going on to cause the hoof pain.  There are just so many stresses that can/have taken place in these feet for all these years.
However, back to the actual foot/trim - while I am learning to work on feet, this guy was way out of my league for working on.  Please, could you tell me having looked at the photos, what you would have done differently to help this guy?
To update you, we still have a front left lame foot - it is improving and he was lame in that foot prior to the farrier work presented here.  He is walking normall on all others although you are correct, he was sore the first day.  I felt bad about that.  I can say that my comparing it to a big lick movement after his feet were done was a bit of an exaggeration meant to add humour to an otherwise godawful hoof shape and situation that was a bit out of my depth in how to correct - that said, he did have some interesting first steps
Please, more information on how you would have trimmed this would be appreciated, and I think of value to everyone here that's interested in learning!
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