Equine Affaire in Nov (Abby)

Nancy Collins <threecatfarm@...>

Are you going to be there?  I’m going (Thurs – Sat) I think.  Will come by the booth to look at boots, esp if you will be around.

Nancy C and Beau and Gabe in NH

On 9/28/07 8:43 AM, "Abby Bloxsom" wrote:

I inquired through a third party who was bragging about HIS boots for info on the development plan of this boot. I asked him to contact "the boot developer" (whose name I could not get) & see if he would get in touch with me because we always like to introduce new boots at the Equine Affaire in November. We are THE boot people at the Massachusetts event. I was given a total brush-off. "The boot developer is not prepared to release the boots yet" ...

Abby Nemec

---- Nancy Collins <threecatfarm@...> wrote:
Are you going to be there?
I sure will, all 4 days - we're usually in the Young Building, Northeast Farrier Supply. Don't know our booth number but it might change this year because the booth is BIGGER!!


Abby Bloxsom