Marquis Boots update

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Someone was wanting to know how these boots are working out for Drummer.

Hi Lorna,

Thanks for the update and sorry the Marquis didn't work out for Drummer
(good that you can still use them on your other horse, though). I can
imagine how frustrated you must be. You might consider Epona Shoes
with the packing material. They are plastic shoes that can be glued on.
The packing material provides soft, flexible support. I've used them
with success on my foundered mare and know of several case studies
(pathological) where they have been very helpful.


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Someone was wanting to know how these boots are working out for Drummer.
I have to say,Deidre,that your point was correct as far as the stage that Drummer is at.They are definitely not meant to have thick enough padding in them for this time.
They fit him beautifully,and they also fit another horse,so I am going to keep them.

But I tried them with their own insoles,and he was really sore.I added some wall rims,and he was sore,as in lying down in the pasture 3X within 2 hours.I haven't seen him doing that for about 2 years when he was again regrowing his front feet.

So for now I've gone back to his Cavallos,which are falling apart (not even a year old and I'm very disappointed in their durability) and have to be duct taped closed.Inside them I put his thick rubber wall rims,and in the space left by them I put antifatigue matting.I stuff tube socks in around the generous heel area and sides.
Working well.

I also ordered a pair of the socks which Stride Equus(Marquis) sells.They are marvelous.Mind you I've only had them on Drummer for 3 days,but they really do fit,and really do stay clinging to his heels (so far) and around the hoof capsule. I'm just using them for a bit because at some point recently his heel bulbs became a bit tender.

I wish the fronts (part that receives the toe of the hoof) of the Marquis were as high as the fronts of the Cavallos so that thicker padding could be used. That would make them perfect,to my mind.