Pam Beall

I have used them-they are a bit tougher to put on, but they STAY ON.
Epics stay on very well too and are easier to put on-the key for both is FIT and being TIGHT, especially with a horse with a lot of leg action (gait) . The bares aren't too new anymore. Been out for over a year.
Easycare already has thier NEW boot-the EDGE- out in test endurance rides this weekend.
If you go to the blog section of the easycare website you'll find TONS of pertinent info. Let me know if you need any help sorting it all out.

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Pam Beall wrote:

Have you tried the Epics or bares? They stay put very well IME....
You can also 'foam on' your easyboots like endurance riders do and it will really make them stick no matter what your horse's gait.

I had just learned about the bares by Easy boot.   That was my next decision to
consider.    Haven't  seen much in way of folk's  opinion on these new boots.