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Hello All,

I've got an 8 yr old female mini, that had another bout of laminitis, last time was 2.5 years ago.

Just got the labs back from Cornell, ( ACTH, Insulin and Leptin) and the only thing that's very out of whack is the

Leptin = 47.55 ng/mL. and she's very overweight, by about 100 lbs.

I joined this group, fully expecting there to be a combination of IR and PPID, but as of tonight, my vet suggests this is

her endocrine system, thyroid and more banamine meds are on order.

Without having clearly defined IR or PPID, can I still actively participate in these groups, to get support for laminitis, obesity and thyroid issues?

thank you  

Lavinia Fiscaletti


This message really belongs on the main group rather than the Hoof sub-group, so I'm going to copy and paste it there as well. Please check for a more in-depth response there.

That Leptin points to your mini being IR as it tells you her "off-switch" when it comes to eating doesn't work.

Please post all of the actual test results from the blood work you had done on her. Unfortunately, just because the numbers come back within the normal range does not mean she is not IR.

Banamine is NOT the answer here. Ditto for the thyroid meds unless you have confirmed primary hypothyroidism (extremely rare in equines) thru blood work.


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