ADMIN: Signing posts

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Every poster is required to sign all their messages here on ECIR Hoof with at least the basics: name, year of joining and general location.

You can sign each post manually or create an auto-signature (sigs don't transfer from group to group). To create one here:

1) Go to this link to amend your auto-signature:

2) Look at the bottom of that page for the window to type in your name, general location, and month and year of joining.

3) Make sure you check the 2 boxes saying "Use Signature for Web Posting" and "Use Signature for Email Posting”.

4) IMPORTANT: Scroll to the bottom and hit SAVE!

All posts that you write or reply using either the web (you need to log in) or your email reply will have your signature automatically added at the end.

Thanks for your help with this bit of housekeeping.


Moderator/ECIR Support