Nancy C

Dear list

Hoof care is a subject that raises many a passionate debate.  We are all here to learn and study a variety of methods with the goal of helping very compromised horses each as an individual. It's apparent that emotions are running high and I ask that everyone take a deep breath.

We can continue only if we do so respectfully. Opinions and comments should be made from a basis of experience or with actual clinical or lab data behind it. Backhanded comments will not be tolerated.

We do not like to moderate folks and as yet have not done so on this list but will if we cannot carry on in the spirit in which it was originally created. 

I have reprinted the mission of this list below.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Nancy C
ECHoof Co-Moderator

Welcome! ECHoof is an offspring of EquineCushings and IR a resource to learn options for recovery from laminitis/founder. Our goal is to give people with widely divergent hoof care backgrounds useful, comprehensive information about the often confusing and costly subject of rehabilitating laminitic and foundered feet. We endorse only one style of hoof care: Careful, thorough, and ongoing evaluation of each horse¹s situation. This includes external hoof shape and condition, position and condition of internal structures, and relevant aspects of diet, environment, housing, and footing. An approach that is the most appropriate for the individual situation can then be chosen from all known and available options, with review and adjustment as needed over time. We do not advocate a particular method; barefoot, booted, glued, or nailed appliances may be useful to return to healthy feet. With laminitis/founder, however, most benefit from removed shoes to allow frequent trims. Styrofoam, boots, pads, or other products may help support the internal hoof structures, thus greatly increasing the animal¹s comfort and often reducing the total amount of necessary drugs. In some cases, other appliances or specialized shoes may also be useful. These individual cases will be discussed and explored as well, along with any emerging new treatment approaches. Please keep discussions of specific Cushing and IR equines on the main EC list! For hoof photos and x-rays, create an album on ECHoof labeled with your horse and your name. Then post to main list requesting review and suggestions. To expedite reply please use the URL to your folder in your email signature when posting. Respectful discussions of philosophical aspects or regional issues are permitted here. Posts and photos, copyrighted to person posting and list owners, may not be used without written permission of both. Poster must provide current contact info to list owners to retain copyrights.