Anybody know a GOOD farrier/trimmer So. Calif?

Susan <palomino.1982@...>

I have a "temporary" trimmer-she is retired and in another line of work
but took pity on my 2 horses , Sundown and Mariposa and has been
trimming them since Nov'07. She had surgery a week or so ago and can't
trim. Horses are in Bonsall, North San Diego COunty, south of
Riverside. Sandy trims according to Gene Ovenick ( Hope for Soundness)
and both horses feet are coming along nicely. They are both due for
trim, Sundown has Natural Balance shoes on front- hoping to transition
him back to barefoot when he has better heel support.
Would greatly appreciate any leads. You can email me off-list at
Many Thanks,
Susan, Sundown and Mariposa

Carlynne Allbee

I am going to respond to you on list first to let everyone know - farriers have associations nowadays and here is the link to the San Diego County Farriers Association.
Off list, I will send you the email address for the farrier I use.  He is active in SDCFA and if he isn't the one for you, probably knows someone that is.
Carlynne Allbee in Lakeside, east of San Diego

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