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Horses generally have superior traction on slippery surfaces
barefoot, plus they will not pack snow

Please Ute,use some qualifiers in your sweeping generalizations?

My horses have been barefoot for many years.They live out.We have snow
in the winters...more this winter than I want to talk about.
All of my horses(I only have 7 at the moment)at one time or another
have balled up out in the snow.Sometimes I have to remove the
ball,sometimes it lets go itself.


5 Pine Ranch

Ute wrote:
>  plus they will not pack snow

>>>>>>>>>You need to live where I live!  I walk around with a hoof pick in every single pair of work pants and work jackets I own.  Think I have 6 or 7 hoof picks - horses DO ball up with snow barefoot, some worse than others and really dependent upon snow conditions and temperature.  But I am bending and removing snowballs from 20+ horses on a given day when conditions are right.  

(with 5 out of 6 personal barefoot horses!)