Best hoof stand

amy in VA

Any recommendations for a hoof stand? 
Amy in Va


Hoofjack 110%  !

Sue Ring

I second Hoof Jack!!!

Maxine McArthur

I find the Hoof Jack stand to be too wide, it trips me up and gets in the way. I like the Barefoot Blacksmith's stand, on the low height post for my oldies. Hoof Stands - The Barefoot Blacksmith (
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Canberra, Australia 2010


I have another off brand, Hoof-It, that saves a few dollars. It is fine for my purposes. The thumbscrew that holds the cradle or stand isn't as nice, and it doesn't have a magnet for tools.
Cass, Sonoma Co., CA 2012
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Sara Gooch

Check out the small "Hoofit" stand. I really like it, especially for the oldies.

Sara Gooch, 2011, NE California


I really like the Hoof Jack. I have been using mine for more than 10 years and it has held up great. It has magnets for holding onto your tools, a cradle, a hoof stand and is adjustable in height. There is also a smaller version available for use with minis, ponies and old horses that aren't comfortable with their feet up higher.

Santa Rosa, CA
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