Boots for wide front feet


I am looking for suggestions for front hoof boots to fit a wide front hoof. My horse has been rehabbing from laminitis but her hooves measure 125mm wide and 110 long to heel bulbs. They are difficult to fit into the size 1 epics i have and are loose in the size 2.. (They measure only 96mm to heel purchase or buttress). She used to fit in G2 size4 but now they twist and spin around her hooves even with the pastern strap. 

PS. I was hoping to still be able to place a pad in the boots also. 
Thanks in advance.


Are you looking just for loafing area? Or riding in?  Renegade Vipers has a wide variety of sizes. Cannot use a pad.  Look at Scoot boots. Their shape is more bell like and a 6mm pad will stay in.  Try a boot that is just a touch too long.  Can shim the toe.  Is there a dealer near you?  If not call-email them and ask for a few sizing boots before you order.

good luck

Diann Kuzma
Medford Or

Bobbie Day

If you take pictures of your horses hoofs they will size for you. I have done this with all my boots especially scoots.
You can call soft ride and they may do a custom order as well. Most dealers are very helpful for our hard to fit horses.
Desi is one also, she has scoots, softrides and equine fusions. We use her soft rides for winter to accommodate her socks and extra warmth. Plus I can tape the openings to keep the moisture out.

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Delli,

Is it possible that the reason your horse's hooves are so much wider than long is because they are flared on the sidewalls from the laminitis?  If you are bringing the toe back diligently but not removing the sidewall flare as thoroughly, you could end up with hooves that are wider than they are longer (I have photos of this on my own horse from his first post-laminitis trim where I brought the toe back but was afraid to remove the sidewall flaring).  If so you could probably remove some of that flare with a rasp to make the hooves more symmetrical and therefore a better fit for boots.  I had to rasp off flaring from disconnected sidewalls to get my horse's hooves into his pre-laminitis boots; in your case it sounds like you need new smaller boots but you might be able to change the hoof shape so the new boots fit.

I have also found that the 12mm black Easy care boot pad conforms to the bottom of the hoof quite well after it's used for some time, and if the toe of the hoof doesn't go all the way into the toe of the boot the uncompressed pad forms a ridge at the toe and fills that empty space making the boot fit snug.  However this leads to worsened breakover because the toe is farther back in the boot so it's not ideal long term, ultimately you really want boots that fit the hoof length best once you are out of rehab stage.

I hope that helps!

Kirsten Rasmussen
Kitimat, BC, Canada