Butterscotch feet

Abby Nemec

Harvest Moon wrote:

I just posted photos of Butterscotch's recent trim (last night) to
the photos section under "Butterscotch".
I'm sorry not to have gotten to these yet Shelley - but I DO think Butterscotch is coming along. Here's why.

(I'm a little confused as to
what should be posted here and what should be posted there.)
We're supposed to talk about individual horses on the main list and general trim/shoeing/hoof discussions on ECHoof. Posting this to both lists.

usual, he walked away from last night's trim sound (in fact, he was
galloping in his little paddock later that night) and is sore again
today, following the pattern he's had for the last 4 or 5 trims.
This pattern - with the "starts to get worse as he's due for a trim" - is not uncommon. We trim the abnormal foot to reorient things properly, which feels good. The pony feels great right away but whether or not they run around often they do feel a little worse a day or so later. I attribute this to the CHANGE in hoof mechanics. Things start to work like they should, and so it may be a little sore for a while while the hoof capsule compensates. Once that's done, they are better til the growth starts to get out of control again. Feet with bad mechanics are as subject to this as rotated feet are.

He's got quite a bit of bruising in his feet, growing down and out
from his February founder. I think. That's our (me and my farrier's)
theory anyway, and also reflects what a couple of other folks here
have told me as well.
Bruising apparent at the sole usually reflects events from 4-8 weeks ago, as best I can tell. Red spots in the white line reflect events from a few weeks to several months ago. Red patches on the wall can appear immediately anywhere at the wall, but will grow down over time. In any case, what you see for red/blood in the hoof horn is almost universally NOT new (unless you're REALLY trimming stuff you shouldn't be!!!). I try to remain aware of it, but don't stress over it unless I see it in a horse who's NOT growing out rotation or bad mechanics.

However, he's less comfortable now than he was
say two months ago when there was no bruising apparent. Does that
make any sense?

Maybe, maybe not. You're asking his feet to change, which is not necessarily a comfortable thing.

I'm having him trimmed every 2 weeks (I'll post
updated photos of his feet after his upcoming trim this week),
The trim pictures are not bad at all by my reckoning. The hairline looks a little steep to me, though I don't have a protractor for it - but I think the soreness is related most likely to his being full of himself after the trim. Can you leave him in boots with cushions for two days after the trim next time and see if that helps? If he's going to run around like a goofball anyway, then he should only be doing it with some degree of support and protection. Leaving the boots off to "make him behave himself" by keeping him sore is definitely a counterproductive approach. Especially in this case, since he's obviously not behaving himself!

Thoughts? Opinions? Could the bruising growing out be causing the
No. Not CAUSING it.

If the boots don't cause problems of their own, keep him in them as much as possible.


Abby Bloxsom