can high heels make feet sore


koko is a 14 year old mini with IR and cushings recently being managed
very carefully because of hyperlypidimia, on .5 mg of pergolide
capsules just changed over to them and is now sheding alot .

his feet are sore for know aparrent reason, not warm not pulsy, he
eats only Sterrets and S/R/S BP.
can tall heels make his feet sore? they are odd looking to me about 3
inches tall, not sure if his owner ever had x-rays taken of his feet
will inquire today. I do believe he was foundered but dont know if
that meant rotation or just used the catch all term.

I was thinking on encouraging the owner to find a better farrier
anyway as every time his feet are trimmed he is lame for a week..I
will attempt to post pics if I can figure it out but for now shouldnt
all horses have low heels and not look boxy? all of mine have very low
if any heels, so I am not sure if its just that i am used to that or
if Kokos feet are all wrong...