Contracted frog



This is my first post on this group.  My 12 year old MFT gelding Cadet has had three episodes of laminitis (Feb 2019, Oct 2020, May 2021).  Details of treatment and management for PPID and EMS can be found in his case history.  The most recent bout was mild, but he became more sore after an aggressive trim.  When I compare his hoof pix over time, the change in his frog is obvious.  Since Feb 2019, he has been trimmed by a knowledgeable barefoot trimmer who attends CE events regularly.  During the last 8 months, he has been in Clouds with pads 80-90% of the time.  I've read on Pete Ramey's website that these are the treatment for contracted frogs/heels.  And yet, his condition has worsened and his underrun heels have not improved either.  I'm trying to understand why.  Any comments from this group would be appreciated.

October 2018
Oakland County, Michigan, USA
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