Darius, Boa Boots


Darius' full history is posted on the Cushing's List including all his
hoof care since Nov.2007 when his Cushing's and laminitis developed.
I am debating how to proceed at the next farrier's visit,
tentatively on about May 20,2008. We have purchased a pair of "Boa"
horse boots with gaiters and a pair of EasyCare "Comfort Pads".
Neither Darius nor our farrier nor I relishes the idea of causing
more pain and inflammation by nailing on another pair of steel shoes!
Right now, the plan is to pull all 4 shoes, do a barefoot 4-point
trim on all feet, leaving the hinds bare. In front: again shorten
toes, back off breakover and lower the heels, hopefully aligning the
base of P3 with the ground surface. We would then put the "Boas",
gaiters and pads on the front feet. Would you also recommend putting
Hoofcasts directly on the hooves for support? My farrier worries about
the lack of support without a Heartbar shoe. Are his fears justified?
Does this sound like a good plan?
How long should the Boa Boots be left on at a time, and when I remove
them, should they be left off for a period of time?

n rand <nantomluna@...>

Personally I would use Soft-ride boots vs. boa's since Soft-ride can be  used 24/7 and I do not think boas can.  The gel pads in the soft-rides which come in different degrees of softness/firmness are such a relief when the feet are very sore. Boas are great for later on when boots are used for riding or days only.

Tom wore Soft-ride 24/7 after his latest laminitis attack and they gave him great relief. At first they were barely removed and as time wore on were off an hour, two hours and then overnight in stall.  Only caveat is that in very hot weather you really have to be super careful about ANY boot because rubs, sores fungus seem to happen very easily.

I totally agree that pounding on shoes at that point is almost cruel. Less IS really more in this instance.


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