Does anyone know what this is?

J Foust


I was picking out my 5y mares fronts today.  The hoof pick was very easily flaking out sole. A big flap pealed up and she seemed to wince a little.  I noticed this yellow stuff that looks like lamina?? First 5 photos in this album. Should I be worried?  Have a great day!! :-)

Joy V

That is similar to how my horse's hooves look when he's in the process of or has already shed his frogs.  I would wait for the experts to weigh in though, b/c I am often wrong.  ;)

Lavinia Fiscaletti

The sole material looks soft and moist. Has it been wet in your area lately? Or is she in boots a lot that keep the soles moist? Looks like the sole may have separated entirely at the juncture between live and exfoliating sole, all at once rather than wearing away gradually. Sometimes this happens if there was a sub-solar abscess that was located between the two layers that left a space when it drained. It does look more like frog tissue than sole.

Looks like that flap wasn't quite ready to be removed as it was still attached in that area. Is she tender on the foot/feet since this occurred?

She doesn't appear to have much substance to her frogs at all - is this always the case?


Moderator/ECIR Support


Hard to tell, looks like retained sole finally letting loose.  New sole underneath may not be ready. I would boot for a few days until new sole hardens up.

J Foust

Thank you Lavinia & Diann!

she had a case of laminitis in late June?. no rotation (x-ray 2x) She did blow an abscess (july 6 @ toe) I have her on J-herb.  Since early Aug she’s shed sole & frog (3/8in) 2x.  Her frog used to be much more plump.  Seems like her sole is thinner (hoof testers can bend it some at toe) Had her in soft rides since July.  Took them off end of sept. Ground is dry.  Hoof felt dry to touch (checked every 2 days).  

Have left flap alone.  Fell off on it’s own.  Since original post the sole and frog shed again for 2nd time. Sole that sheds is very white and crumbly. Frog peels off.  Seems 95% sound (very slight lack of confidence with fronts). 

Is this just normal process post laminitis?

Lavinia, when you’re done with your big project I’d love to hire your eye to do some markups for me.  I didn’t send the photos you requested on Bronwynn because I saw that post about you needing time for the project.  Hope it’s going well!! 

Thank you!  Joella