Dremel tool for casts removal/ wasRe: worried about frog after trim

Larson <seahorses3@...>

Mandy has a point, but that may be where the variable speed comes in.  You use light pressure, too.  Because the shoe is open at the toe, I go much more carefully there, slower speed, lighter pressure.  The wall and white line are a much different color than the cast - and if nothing else, you can thin the fiberglass down enough to make rasping a line at the heel a whole lot easier.

Mandy, did you mention you were either using or thinking of using them on the bars?

Carol and Blue in Maine

At 12:33 PM 4/6/2008, you wrote:

The dremel was too powerful for me to control in that situation so I went back to the rasp and I still grabbed hoof wall when I didn't want to.  Is there a reason you don't use a shoe?  If you choose to try the dremel with the sandpaper barrel....I would suggest you stop often and look to make sure you don't take off foot where you don't want to!!