Dremel tool for casts removal

Teresa Palumbo <teresa@...>

Hi Carol, Mandy and Sally,

Thanks for all your suggestions and advice.

I bought the 10.8V variable speed cordless. I have 2 casts that came
off mostly intact that I think I will practice on. The other 2 were
mangled beyond recognition- I literally had to cut and/or tear small
pieces off;removing it little by little...funny thing is it was
opposite feet from one time to the next as to which came off
easier/harder. I just find the cast is so tight against the foot
there is no room to get a wire cutters in there to cut more than
1/16" or so. That just makes it a much more agonizingly slow process;
which is very hard for Alixia (and me). This is probably because I
don't have any space created by a shoe.

Mandy, as to why I'm not using a shoe...I originally got desparate
enough to try barefoot (again) because her hoof walls were a
crumbling, disintegrating mess. This was before I had of heard of
hoof casts. Much to my surprise, Alixia was more comfortable walking
on her thin, flat soles than she was in a shoe. This made me think
that more of her foot pain was coming from the laminae than the
pressure on her sole and rotated P3. After months of barefoot, the
hoof wall was still crumbling away and she was still walking on her
soles; getting more comfortable all the time. BUT, we were really
stuck in that 2 steps forward 3 steps back mode not being able to get
(and keep) the foot where it needed to be...so, when Abby posted here
about the casts: I thought why not try them. I called and talked to
Dave at Equicast, he suggested a few different approaches. I have
found that using the 3" size covers most of the bottom of her foot
and creates that concavity we're hoping for eventually. The cast
seems to "hold" everything where it is, no increasing flares or
shifting forward of the foot. More like 2 steps forward, 1/2 step
back...she's still growing heel faster than anything else, but I hope
that will improve with more frequent cast changes. Time will tell.

On another note, I just got a call from my farrier thanking me for
introducing him to the Equicasts. He is using them on lots of other
horses for lots of other reasons (not just founder) and is thrilled
with the results!

Thanks again,

Teresa, Alixia and Ollie