Drummer update/hoof casts

Lorna Cane <briars@...>

Just a quick nnote about Drummer and his casts.
They were 'installed' 16 days ago.He has never looked back.
I am sick to death of all this snow and cold...BUT...this morning he came cantering across 2 fields and into the barnyard with a buddy, spraying 2-foot-deep snow high and wide.
My heart could barely stand the joy of seeing that.
I tried to take pix.If any come out I'll post.

I'm curious now to see what his hooves look like under there.George will be here on the 16th.Don't know what the plans are...guess we play it by ear.

Thank You ,Abby.And Thank You Eleanor for outing her.
Thank you ,Dave and Equicast!!