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I’m a bit overwhelmed and looking for some clarification on caring for abscesses. Specifically an abscess brewing at the coronary band.
After going through the posts, I’ve read to take caution with soaking in Epsom Salt for thin soles. I did soak today for about 10min. I’ll discontinue doing that! 

With Poultice,(paste I’m seeing), am I to apply it to the entire hoof or only the suspected area, then wrap? I have no boots but plenty of vet wrap, duct tape, diapers and plastic wrap. Also, my pony is getting Jiaogulan.

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My learning curve with abscesses may not align with other advice you get here, because a) my horses are barefoot and live outside on dry and rocky terrain and b) I have learned to do less and not more when I believe an abscess is brewing.
For instance, by the time an abscess erupts from the coronary band, it is nearing completion and doesn’t require much more. I use Ichthammol salve to help pull out as much as possible but I no longer restrict movement like I used to, even if the horse is limping. In my most recent case, when the horse was limping, I spread Ichthammol on the sole and put on a Hoof Wrap ( a Velcro wrap that includes a foam sole pad). It provided immediate relief to the horse for walking so she could continue to go out with the herd and get to her hay.
Some horses seem to get abscesses more than others, but now that I don’t panic and call the vet (who seems to want to restrict and even resect!) the problem seems to resolve itself quicker. I get a lot of good advice from the UK group on Facebook called Barefoot Live.
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One reason to restrict movement or confine is that duct tape boots offer NO traction and can be dangerous in wet or slippery conditions. Otherwise I agree normal movement is good. 
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