Friend with rescue mare needs hoof advice mechanical laminitis


My friend adopted a mare recently confiscated by the MSPCA here in MA for extreme neglect with hooves curling upwards that looked like rams horns.  The MSPCA has done preliminary trimming and the mare needs to be trimmed again and I've advised here to join this group and ask for help.

She does not know if this mare is IR via blood work and her body type at present is normal.

Can she just post pictures here and ask for help or does she also need to fill out an ECIR Case History?  

Thanks,  Jeannie
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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Jeannie,

If the mare isn't IR, then you can ask to post pix here on the Hoof sub-group. No case history needed.

You will need to send the photos to me for upload as members are not allowed to create albums on this group: Shiloihmom @ outlook . com    (remove the spaces)


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