Fusion Boots for asymmetry

Chris Hanson

I found this thread on the ECIRhorse hoof groups and it was very validating to see I’m not the only one dealing with “spinning” hoof boots.


In this thread someone suggested equine fusion boots. Has anyone had experience with these for helping with boots that twist?
The person at Easycare suggested Easyboot Back country and I’ve not tried them yet. But the description of the Fusion boots sounded like they have less chance of rubbing and you can take into account asymmetrical heels.

Woody is currently a little more comfortable because he got a pretty decent cut from the Scoot boots last night so in order to keep wet gunk out I wrapped this foot like an abcess.

Kirsten Rasmussen

When my horse spins on his hinds, boots twist, including Equine Fusions.  I understand there's a new Equine Fusion boot that is advertised as less likely to spin though.  http://equine-jogging-shoes.com/trekking-jogging-shoe/
Contact Jenny at "all natural horse care . com" if you want to ask her about that.

In my experience though, twisting during normal movement (ie not spinning) is a sign the boot is too big.

Kirsten Rasmussen
Kitimat, BC, Canada

Chris Hanson

Thanks Kirsten!
The spinning boot seems to be related to size with the boots I’m trying too. I’ll check link that out.

Jennifer Murphy

I've been using Equine Fusion boots for a few years, and with a mini mule narrow hoof, the boots definitely twist, even the narrow sizes.  What helped my guy was purchasing some thick felt and cutting it into strips, then tucking them into the sides of the boot.  It filled up the empty spaces and made the boot fit a little better, and twisting was reduced significantly.  It took a few tries to figure out where to put the strips and how many to use.  One on each side of the hoof plus the EF dampening pads to lift his hoof up a little worked best for us.