Help with Hoof Evaluation

Rachel Fazio

Hi - I have been a passive member since 2106, and just recently uploaded my case history and photo album with the hopes of getting some guidance on my horses hooves and how to communicate with my new trimmer as we recently had to make a change.   

I feel like something is not being done quite right with his trim, but am not sure if I am imagining things - his feet were right where we wanted them and we had to make the switch, and I want to avoid heading in the wrong direction.  He isn't lame, but they just look different - so figure maybe Lavina could take a look if she has a moment and tell me I have nothing to worry about or give me some advice.  Anyway the trimmer is coming on Saturday the 31st - so if it isn't possible I understand, I did try to send it in with more time, but I don't know what happened there.

My horse is Ty, I am Rachel.

Many thanks, for this and for all that the amazing ECIR volunteers do!


Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Rachel,

Ty is  one handsome boy.

I don't see that you have posted at all to the main ECIR group. Until you post, you won't be able to get any input regarding Ty's management or issues. As he is at least IR, all questions (including hoof/trim ones) should be asked on the main group. All future discussion regarding him should be moved there.

How old is he? Based on the insulin results in his album, he is definitely IR but the insulin result isn't in the range where overt laminitis usually occurs. Unfortunately, cortisol rhythm testing is NOT a valid test for PPID. You really need to get an ACTH test done, along with the insulin and glucose. Sending the samples to Cornell is advised.

Thanks for adding the photos and rads. When were the rads actually done? Are these of his front feet?

The rads show significant side bone; ground parallel coffin bones, with broken back HPAs on both; underrun heels; lots of arthritic changes visible along the pastern bones; medial wall flaring on both feet; long toes; sole depth is just adequate.

Photos show underrun heels, with the central sulcus splitting up into the soft tissues. Hinds have bull-nosed dorsal walls, indicating that the coffin bones are likely ground parallel or even negative plane. Frogs appear to be stretched forward all around.

The trim should focus on shortening the toes horizontally so the breakover moves further back. Preserve all vertical height in the heels (don't try to move them back right now). Leave the soles and frogs alone except to remove any loose tags.
I can try to get you some mark-ups in time for Sat if you'd like.

Let me know with a post on the Main ECIR group.

Jan 2005, RI

Moderator/ECIR Support

Rachel Fazio

Hi Lavinia - thanks so much for your reply, sorry I am still trying to navigate posting messages.  Now that I think I have figured out how to post via the web, I think I will do so.  Yes, Ty has been IR probably for a long while, but we first figured it out in 2016 shortly before I found this site and started taking Dr. Kellon's classes.  We manage him mostly on symptoms - fat deposits over eyes, at tail head and sheath.  During ACTH rise he can get footsore, he also gets lethargic and rubs his head a lot (not sure if that is a PPID symptom) but so far overt laminitis has not been our experience (thank goodness) and hopefully, that trend will hold.  We are very strict with his diet, but during fall the last couple of years we are soaking even low sugar hay (6% ESC less than 1% starch) just to try to keep him as close to normal as possible. - so seems like something more is going on.  I know that cortisol rhythm testing is not a valid PPID test - unfortunately, we have very limited access to veterinary care up here - and our vet is reluctant to do the Cornell test - but I will keep working on him.  Otherwise, we would have to drive at least an hour, which I think would throw off the results anyway.

Ty just turned 26 in May.

If you can do some markups I would appreciate it - his hooves are hard as granite and I think the new trimmer is having a difficult time, but I would appreciate any guidance so I can at least start to have a conversation with her.  She hasn't done anything to the soles on previous trims - but she did trim back the frogs the first trim, this is what has grown back since then and I have asked her not to trim them anymore.

Hopefully, you will receive this reply - but I will also cut and paste and send it out via ECIR main - with Re: Help with Hoof Evaluation Response to Lavinia.

Thanks again,