hoof boots for small domkey hooves

Jennie Dunbar <jennie.dunbar75@...>

Wondering if anyone could recommend hoof boots for a friend's hinny. 


there are a few manufacturers that make smaller boots.  As with any boot, it all depends on how you need to use them.  Easyboot has mini boots.  4 sized starting at W49 L54 up to W76 L86.  Then Scoot Boots have a narrow that usually fits donkeys.  Their size start at W105 L105 and go up from there.

Jennie Dunbar <jennie.dunbar75@...>

Thank you, the little hinny is currently laminitic. I suggested she pad her hooves and see if there were any boots that would work. 

Josephine Trott

Hi there,
Hoofwings makes custom sized boots including for miniature horses
Davis CA 06/09


I like the Scoots because they breathe.  You can put a 6mm pad in.  If you need 12mm padding,, use Trails.