hoof taps

Mule Maid

Lavinia, or anyone else,

Have you had any experience with DE Hoof Taps? I am wondering if they work to help with wall separation. Thanks and pray you all stay well.
Ears to Ya!
Vicky for Ida and friends
S.IL. 2012

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Vicky,

Had to look them up as this is the first time I hear of them, so no experience to share. Seems like they might be helpful in some cases as an adjunct therapy but shouldn't replace a tight trim.

Thinking out loud: in looking at the photos provided with their use, I see feet with flared walls and long toes of varying degrees, that are bring trimmed to the flares. Then the DE Taps are inserted to assist with structural support. Seems like improving the tightness of the trims should be the first step.


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