Horos.app to view .dcm hoof radiographs - any reason to keep the database around?


I found a free DICOM viewer, Horos, for opening, viewing and exporting .dcm images, which are used by my veterinary office (and medical offices) for sharing high resolution digital images. I exported the high resolution images as jpegs that are easily viewed with my plain vanilla image viewer,  Preview.app. It was worth going to trouble to view the high resolution images in their detail. I can see hair at the coronary band. But do I need to keep 32 MB extra stuff that I'll never use? The database is a space hog, and I'm wondering if anyone knows if it does anything particularly fabulous to hoof radiographs. 
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Lavinia Fiscaletti

I work doing mark-ups all the time and just use the exported views.

Unless you're planning to work extensively manipulating the images, I don't think you'll miss the "extra amenities".

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