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Bonnie, I second every point made by Heidi about learning from Ida -- if you get a chance to attend any one of her clinics,  I would encourage you to do so.   

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Hi Bonnie,

Ida Hammer is amazing.  She is one of those people that has a passion for learning and she continually invests in her own learning/growth as well.   She is a wonderful teacher, fun to learn from, and has such a breadth of experience.    You can find her clinics on the Peter Ramey website.  I am fortunate to live 2 hours from Ida so have attended her trimming clinics and I hosted a hoof disection clinic at my barn a couple years ago.  I am attending her footfall clinic in March she is holding near Indianapolis.    Ida is the reason I started trimming my own horses 10 years ago.

One of the things I love about Ida is she is dedicated to teaching and mentoring others to trim.  She really wants to pass her knowledge on to others in order to help as many horses as possible.  She also loves a complicated problem!  I highly recommend anyone who has the chance to attend one of her clinics do so.  




I've known Ida and have continued to learn from her as well as certify in her program.  She is fabulous.  And she travels to do teaching sessions, so if you don't live within range of her current schedule, but would like to start her series of training classes, she has clinic requirements listed on her site as well.  

If you ask Pete Ramey about her, his exact words will be "She's the best."  And she is.

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I've sent in my registration for her June Michigan clinics. I got a discount for paying before Jan 31st. If anyone is interested in any of her 2019 clinics you can get that discount if you prepay. 
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