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My name is Pat and I live in Texas with my three horses. I am trail
riding my TB "Chief" and he is doing well. My ex-wife left me with a
Peruvian Paso who was for a while very sick and compromised in her
hooves. She was diagnosed with Navicular syndrome and Cushings
syndrome. I sent her to a hoof care clinic in South Carolina
(, since I could not find local help for this little
horse. She got rehabilitated with much care and is doing very well
now. She is sound and the Cushings tell tale signs are gone. The third
equine is my mini "Grommelt". He is an all around fun guy. I have to
learn how to trim these horses better and am looking to learn
everything I can about nutrition, trimming, breeds, horseman ship,
etc. I like to do things as close to nature as possible. So any help
you all can extend, I'll be grateful.
Thank you for having me on this list.

Pat Greenwalt, Houston, TX

Carlynne Allbee

Welcome to our group.  I own miniature horses and used to have Paint/Pintos, full sized.  Now my pintos are economy sized.  The biggest difference around here between them is that the farriers new to minis either:
1.  Don't realize how short their feet, especially their heels, can be and still be healthy
2.  They forget that they are going to be barefoot. It is against our show rules to put shoes on them and farriers will tell you that except for really rare hoof conditions, there is no reason to put shoes on them.  Barefoot horses need more hoof left on or they will be tender.
Carlynne Allbee
east of foggy San Diego, CA

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