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Nancy C

Hi Everyone

Just so you know, we don't ban here. Moderate, yes. But not ban. If you've been here a while you know the dedication folks on this list have to helping animals in distress. The over riding concern is for the welfare of the horse, so unless you are one of those awfully annoying SPAM guys, you don't get banned. That said, members can be and are very rarely moderated. We don't do that lightly for the same reason. It slows down the posting of a message and takes up valuable volunteer time.

Hoof topics are fraught with land mines. The discussion is rubbed raw from years of abuse by and to both sides of the shoe v bare persuasion. I please ask that each of us takes the time to review their messages for content and PERCEIVED tone. Without the benefit of sound and body language, writings can be taken in a variety of ways. Good or bad. As meant or as perceived. Please take the extra time to think about your messages before you hit the send button.

There's lots to learn and discover. We are trying something a new here - bridging a gap between two schools of thought. It's gonna be bumpy and members will get moderated if we can't play nice and/or a time out is needed. If we can all relax and stay open to new ideas our horses will benefit.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

Nancy C
ECHoof Co-Moderator