Need scoots for paddock wear

J Foust

 Does anyone have size 7 scoot boots they want to sell?  I’ve had my mare in soft rides for three months after developing laminitis.  Would like some scoots to protect her feet in the hard packed clay/rock paddock. I am not having any luck on Facebook .  I’ll buy new if I have to but I’m literally just going to take the hardware off and let her wear them in the paddock. 

Joella Foust
2014?? ECIR

Bobbie Day

Sorry I do not have that size but that’s exactly what I’ve done.
Working out just fine 😊
All my riding horses wear scoots

Kate Triplett

Joella, I have a brand new pair of easyboots with gaiters - in boxes, I think they are size 7. One size too big for my stallion. If you are interested, shoot me a private note and we can put it together -.
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I am a dealer in OR. Can drop ship boots to you. What do you mean by take the hardware off and let her wear them? there is no hardware to take off.  I have a few clients in scoots almost 24/7.  wonderful boot for recovory.  As long as there is not much dorsal wall bulging.  Send me pics of hooves. text me at 541 450 5191  Diann Kuzma

J Foust

Thanks Kate!
I’m wanting to avoid anything that wraps around the pastern & would like something that drains.  I think I found what I need today.  Thank you for responding to my post!  😁

J Foust

Thanks Diann!  I meant taking off the brass attachment points for the pastern strap 🙂 I think I found something that will work.  Thanks again 🙂