Need some advice on my horse.....a novel--KELLY PLEASE READ

Jackie <stc4qh@...>

Kelly, I just now became aware of your posts. I also live in Iowa
and I know of an excellent natural hoof care trimmer who lives in SW
Iowa, he personally saved my mare's life last year when she
foundered. Please email me privately. stc4qh@...
I will be very busy this morning with a dr appt and having hay
delivered but I promise to reply ASAP.

Jackie and Gacy

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I knew from the outset this wouldn't be cheap.

Shorty had wonderful feet before this all started. He could walk
the crushed limestone driveway and road without a single flinch. I
really don't want to go with shoes on him. Surely those wonderful
feet are still in there somewhere.

The chunks missing on the sides are where the remains of the flares
from the first episode grew down enough to break loose. His feet
look awful.

The older guy trimmed him just as the last episode was getting
up. I've been getting him done every month. I guess I'll call the
younger guy unless someone from my saddle club can tell me about a
natural trimmer. Is there a good place to find out if there's a
local trimmer? I've seen them listed on some websites, but the
closest trimmer is over 400 miles away according to them.

I'll see about pictures today. Thanks Kelly

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kelly andersen wrote:

I have pictures of Shorty's feet in the photos section. It's
andersenkk. I can take any different angles if needed.
Different angles would help me to advise you, but it would take a
LOT of
time to provide you with detailed trim instructions on the list.

Abby Bloxsom