Need suggestions on Upcoming Trim and any additional diet changes on Fontane

Tracie W


As a new member with a 25 yr old Miniature that has Cushings, I suspect is IR,  has foundered in the past (approx. 15 yrs ago) and has had chronic laminitis issues these last few years and recently his second bad abscess to the same areas and foot in less than a year, I would appreciate any feedback and assistance regarding trim and anything else to help him.  

I did completely change his feeding, which I know now was a major contributor to everything this little guy has gone thru and is going thru.  I had my hay analyzed recently and have been implementing  soaked beet pulp with recommended supplements and minerals.  I am starting to see some improvement now having started all of these changes in the last three weeks.

I would appreciate any assistance you can offer me to help him and improve the quality of his life.
Thanks for reading- 
Tracie Wang