Newly Barefoot Horse


Hello all

We are new horse owners of a 10-year old APHA gelding, Duke. We purchased him August 30th, 2019.  At the time, he was wearing shoes for nearly his entire life, in which he was heavily shown, winning several world titles.  His shoes were removed September 2nd, with a very minimal trim from the farrier. He was given a barefoot trim September 11th. He's been very sore, mostly in the front, since the removal of his shoes.  Per advice of the trimmer, he's been in Cloud Boots nearly 24x7 with some light bareback riding at a walk. He's also being treated for thrush and is receiving California Trace, Jiaogulan, Vitamin E, Salt, and most recently CissusQ and Magnesium Oxide.  Would love any advice or support in helping him recover from his soreness and developing a healthy hoof so some very sweet little girls can get to riding him as soon as possible.

Pics are linked in my signature.
Central Texas

Duke Hoof Album