Please critique Cruiser's 5/31/07 trim.

John Stewart

Hi Kristine,

The impression is that he may now be walking on his soles. It is a good idea to round off the edges but not to take the wall height down too far.
(the flaky sole could be removed, but only a job for someone with experience)

There is quite a curve (seen from the side) at the heel quarters, but I don't think that heels and the bars, left as they are, will allow proper hoof function. What I mean is that the heel quarter cannot drop down to the ground as the heel will not be able to expand. The heels have support from the bars but the bars cannot drop since they seem to be already at ground level, so the only thing they can do when force is applied to them is to curve more and bring the heels more in and under.

If the heels are taken down a bit (bringing them back) and the bars reduced, they will then be able to support the heel better, and as weight is put onto the foot, the bars can drop, and acting as a strut to the heel will be better able to push them out (rather than folding under more). If the heel is able to move out, the heel quarter will then be able to drop down rather than fold and flare.

I suggest that the heels and bars as they have been done have resulted in the more curved lateral coronet since he went barefoot.