Repeating abscesses

Carlynne Allbee

I have a miniature gelding that is 18 years old.   Last year, in August, as we were getting ready for the L A County Fair at Pomona, he suddenly came up lame and an abscess popped out in his front right hoof, near the toe.  That cleared up and 2 weeks, the morning of the show, he popped another one.   Treated that.  All had been fine.  Now, 9 months later he has popped a third one in the same foot.
None of my horses have ever had abscesses before and to have the same horse have three in the same foot....  Nothing has changed about his diet, work, terrain.  He has always been driven on streets for parades, show rings, decomposed granite, etc.
Somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought I read about something we should be looking for.
Or is it just coincidence and don't worry about it?   Yes, everything is clean where he lives.
Thank you for any ideas,
Carlynne Allbee

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