Reverse Horse shoes???

Myriam Desrosiers

Hello! Aragon have been diagnosed with laminitis... He was in pain last  month, about mid january, so farrier came. The only solution he could  think of to relief him was putting reverse horse shoes. But after being on this group, i'M not shure this is the best solution for him... Can i get a advice? He is suspected to have a winter laminitis... soil was pure ice and lumpy before he got in pain in january. He has boots, but can't put them on because of horse shoes. I've already put whool socks and polos to warm his legs... and already cut his hay intake... thank you so much !!

MyriamD, Qc, Canada

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Myriam,

So sorry that Aragon is having these issues. Because he is highly likely to be an Ir horse, all of your questions regarding his care and issues should remain on the main ECIR group - this includes ones about his hooves.

I'll address your concerns more back on the main group.

Jan 2005, RI

Moderator/ECIR Support

Sherry Morse

Hi Myriam,

We prefer to have horses barefoot and in boots to make it easier to do frequent trimming adjustments on their feet.  You can read more about this on the website here:
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