Ringbone...which is better Uckele's Tendon EQ or Devils Claw Plus Granular

Laura and Pabatsa in CA

Dr. Kellon/Group,

Last week Pabatsa got IRAP in both feet for ringbone. Currently he gets Tendon EQ but I'm wondering whether Uckele's Devils Claw Plus Granular would be more appropriate? My vet suggested he go on Adequan starting this week. I'm not sure what to be giving him at this point.

Thank you for your help!
Laura and Pabatsa in California
Feb 2012
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

His "ringbone" is actually pastern joint arthritis so best to think in terms of joint. Your vet seems to be interested in preserving joint at this point but somewhere along the line the best thing is going to be to fuse the joint. Between IRAP and Adequan I don't think a supplement will have much to offer.
Dr. K

Laura and Pabatsa in CA

Thank you so much Dr. Kellon! Should I keep him on the Tendon EQ?

Do any herbal type supplements help with pain/soreness if he needs help?