Sarcoid in the hoof capsule?

Maria Duran

Hi all,

I am looking for some direction with a problem, maybe some of you have experience with this. I have asked to Dr. Kellon in THM and she thinks it might be a keratoma, not a sarcoid and maybe there was an error in the sampling. I leave here my original message in THM. Please feel free to comment. I will send to Lavinia the pics.

Thank you very much.

The horse has had 4 episodes of the sarcoid protuding through out the hoof capsule since 2013 up to now. He is 17 yo.

The one labeled as dec 2020 is how is the horse right now, the other ones are from the first time it happened on 2013 and lately in 2014 and 2016. I add a new one from january 9th.

I have translated the information the owner has sent me from herself and the lab that performed the biopsy and it says:

HISTOPATHOLOGY: Microscopically, a proliferation of connective tissue is appreciated
fibroblastic with typical histological characteristics although it appears more condensed than the
normal dermis. This connective tissue presents an abundant intercellular matrix of fibers of
collagen without follicular structures or attached glands being appreciated in its thickness. The
Fibrous fascicles intersect in the different directions of space giving in
occasions appearance of palisades. The fibroblasts that comprise it shows a degree
of low cellular atypia and a moderate mitotic index. The epidermal lining epithelium
appears ulcerated, verifying on the surface a necrotic-crusted band associated with a
inflammatory infiltrate consisting mainly of neutrophils, pyocytes, and macrophages. The
resection edges of the referred specimen are free of the fibrotic lesion.
DIAGNOSIS: Ulcerated skin sarcoid (hyperplastic-crusted dermatitis).
PROGNOSIS: Less serious.
COMMENTS: It is a collagen-productive fibroblastic mesenchymal tumor
that appears well differentiated. Differential diagnosis includes several proliferative processes
dermal fibroblasts such as an inflamed equine sarcoid. The main problem to
consider possible recurrences.
Comments from the owner:

At that time we proceeded to try to remove it with cold but it did not respond very well, so we started with the cream that I told you that I was formulated the one that I had at that time and they made it in the pharmacy , but I no longer have the composition, as the reaction was very painful I did suspend the treatment and it has lived like this until today, the size has been increasing progressively but without mobility or sensitivity problems in the area.
During these years it burst once in 2014 and another in 2016 approx.
Both times the irritated and burst tissue was removed with a scalpel, but until today nothing more.

My questions are, what can be done in your experience and if you believe that bloodroot, frankincense or cannabis oil might help with it. Also if xrays are indicated and what treatment could help.

Thank you very much in advance, if you need any information, I can ask the onwer, she is very colaborative.

Alicia Harlov

Is it truly sarcoids, or are they keratomas? 

I am not much help, I haven't heard of sarcoids in the hoof. 

Maria Duran

Hi Alicia,

I don´t really know, biopsy says sarcoid but Dr. Kellon said it can be an error from the lab. I don´t know how can be mistaken by the lab, but I guess there are ways.

Lavinia is very busy and will update the pics when she have some time I believe. I hope someone has experience with it, right now is being treated with bloodroot and seems like it is drying by now.

Thank you!