Self trimming guidance


I would like to start trimming my own horse. I live in a rural area of SE WI and am having a hard time finding a farrier who knows what they are doing or willing to change or learn what Pete Ramey recommends or what my horse needs.. 
Any advice on how to go about self trimming? I have found videos on you tube that I will be watching today.  I also have a friend whose husband has studied Strasser and trims to her spects, He will come this sat and get my horse his first official realigning trim, but he lives over an hour away and cannot come on a regular basis. He will be teaching me some skills this weekend as well. 

Thanks in advance

Jean and Merlin

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Jean,

Be careful with the Strasser trim.  It usually involves carving out sole, trimming the hoof to "ideal" external angles that may IR may not reflect the position of the coffin bone, and in my opinion leaves the toes too long.  There has been a lot of criticism regarding that particular trim method.

Kirsten Rasmussen
Kitimat, BC, Canada


Ida Hammer offers online and in-person trimming classes. She is aligned with Pete’s methods (and friends with him). I highly recommend her program.

Lisa Mittler
Barefoot Hoof Practitioner
South and Central Texas
January 2019