I am new to this group.  I am now dealing with a 14 year old TB/WB cross that has laminitis.  He tested high insulin and slightly high ACTH.  I now suspect that he has had flare ups in previous years that I did not recognize.  Both vets who have seen him recommended front shoes.  One said to put the shoes on backwards to reduce pressure on the toe.  

I notice so far in my explorations of the web pages for the group, that only trimming is discussed (I may have missed something).  Could someone refer me to either why shoeing is not recommended, or where shoeing is discussed.  Thanks.

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi (Sandra)?

Welcome. Sorry that your boy is going thru this.

Briefly, the group recommends keeping a laminitic horse barefoot as they generally require frequent trimming to maintain an optimal hoof for healing. Any attached appliances make that type of schedule extremely difficult to achieve. Many vets (and farriers) are only trained to work with shoes as a solution for everything, so that is what they recommend. Here is some info on why we make this recommendation:

Also see Dr. Robert Bowker's presentations from the 2015 NO Laminitis Conference:

Nerves, Nerves, Nerves: Why are they so important to the horse
The Vascular Cushion of the Frog: What does it do?

These are free to download

Because your horse is both IR and PPID, all questions regarding him should remain on the main ECIR group - including ones regarding his feet. Happy to continue this in more detail back on the main group.

Jan 2005, RI

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