Trimmers vs Shoer’s

Bobbie Day

We had a new “farrier “ come last week that was highly recommended by some of my horse friends, I had high hopes and instructed MDH to leave everyone’s feet alone so we could get caught up by a professional (he still does Desi). All my horses are on either a balanced diet or receive what I know their diets are lacking until we get new hay tested, they’re feet grow like crazy! And poor Balt was recovering from a abscess and needed a good trim more than anyone. Anyway, (I digress) the farrier shows up and we’re both apologizing for the long feet he will need to tackle. First up was my big gelding, this guy is a solid, solid 1200 pound horse, he has wonderful hard black feet , I shod him when he first got here over ten years ago and he always came up lame so despite every farrier (not barefoot trimmer) has wanted to put shoes on him he’s worn boots for the last several years. The farrier took one look and went to work, well he rasped him off and that was that. We thought ok he was probably better off than the rest, this guy took Balt next , (Lavinia can attest to how long he was), he proceeded to tell me that Balts hooves will always splay out and to keep him long otherwise he’ll go lame. I could not believe my ears! Next horse, wouldn’t touch him, said my hubby was doing a fine job, next horse same thing.
i really think since this guy was a “shoer “ and not a trimmer he decided that he wasn’t going to bother. And why do all the old timers (shoer’s) think every horse needs a shoe to be sound? So here I am looking for another “trimmer”, my advice would be to be certain your next farrier is on board with doing trims as we want here. Our farrier moved, he set a lot of shoes was always willing to do what I asked of him.
oh and PS Lavinia, Marv promptly got Balt out and did a really nice job on him, he’s getting along well now and I guess he’ll just have to take on another one 😊 

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Sorry to hear things went so poorly :( I feel your pain - it's the reason I ended learning to trim.

There are phenomenal farriers out there who do fantastic trims and there are barefoot trimmers who shouldn't be allowed near a horse's feet. Most in both camps fall somewhere in between. I suggest getting references from anyone you are considering, then following up by calling those references and seeing some of the actual trims. It's what we do when hiring most other pros so why should this be any different?


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