where to start? equicasts etc..

valdavoli <STOMPERX@...>

hi, its me again.

in a fit of denial,and depression over the condition of my guy, i
unsubscribed from all "foot" lists, and was turning control of feet
back to a farrier. however, after much thought, and just this
morning a MAJOR potential breakthrough, i am "jumping" back in.

i will also post portions of this on the cushing list....

long story short, my guy was gtting worse and worse. nothing made
him comfortable. he is IR, on tight diet etc. 4 grams bute daily
just barely took the edge off the pain etc.

i was here many weeks ago, and argued/debated the equicasts with
Abby. the "way" they helped simply did not make sense to me then.
BUT, about two wees ago, it finally clicked. i GET it. in
desperation, i have been experimenting with the casts with shoes.
its been a struggle. but i have finally gotten the combination of
shoe/pad and casts just right, and after 2 months, i am now able to
lower the bute, and soon (i hope) wean him off.

the breakthrough this morning: trying to figure out WHY he got
progressively worse. for all you people that have IR or cushing
horses, please, please, PLEASE double check anything and everything
you give your horse against the files on the cushing list. in my
denial, i blindly followed my vets treatment for a possible bladder
infection. my horse was on Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim
antibiotic for 2 months. now, TODAY i realize that the sulfa drug
could cause inflamation/damage. NOTHING else in this horses world
changed, just these drugs. my horse suffered due to my ignorance.

however, with the equicasts and some soft plastic shoes and pads, he
is now slowly recovering.

to Abby, once again, thank you for trying to explain (weeks ago) how
the equicasts help.