Zuni update

Kati Indigo

I just wanted to give you guys an update. The Hoof & Bone Repair & Immune formula from For Love of the Horse seemed to have helped Zuni tremendously! Although still walking with a slight limp , she is walking around our property again, bucking and running. After keeping her 3 months in Boots the nail hole has grown over and we have returned ever to being barefoot. After starting the herbs she had abscessed quite a bit which we could see in the bandages. At this point in time her hoof is cool, as I said she still has a little bit of a limp but overall seems to be recovering. I am so happy. Thank you for all your well wishes. I wasn't sure if that stuff really would work, but since at that point I had nothing to lose but my horse it was worth it. It was not cheap at about $600 a month for two and a half months but it helped my horse and having her is priceless!

Deborah Ide

Yay! Good news!

Lesley Fraser

What great news!

Best wishes

Lesley & over the bridge Omar,
UK, 2012

Patricia Evans

That is such great news! I had been wondering about you guys. 
North central Florida
July 7 2018

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Kati Indigo

I wasn't sure how it would work out & we were praying for a miracle!