Femoral muscles Dr. Kellon please ☺️ #photo-notice

Bobbie Day

Dr. K and all
My husbands mare has a weird thing going on with her muscle (femoral I think) on the backend, muscle that runs along the butt down the legs. Anyway, it seems the right side is balled up (for a lack of a better word) it stops and is quite hard compared to the one on the left, I’ve taken a picture and will upload it to our album. I don’t know how she could have her herself but it seems really tender and she doesn’t want to give her right rear leg. I have the local vet coming out Saturday to draw for Desi’s yearly blood work and I’ll have her look but she is mostly a small animal vet and not sure she’ll know. Could you please give me your opinion when time allows?
thank you very much.
Bobbie and Desi