Excel spreadsheets for diet balancing

Saucier Kathy

Our new hay man is turning out to be a jewel. He is new to hay production (2 years) but is very concerned about producing the best hay possible. Our first shipment from him looks beautiful and Magic's peeing has actually gone totally to the level of a normal horse. And it appears he may be putting on a little weight on his bony body.

The barn owner has passed some info on to me that he wants to learn all he can so I have shared with her the Safergrass and Equi-analytical web sites to give him.

My questions are about our group's wonderful Excel spreadsheets that we work with.
On one of them it says "the format used here may not be copied or used without permission".
I would love to share this with our hay man. How may I legally do that or can I?

Second question is about the spreadsheets. I am assuming although they are set up to help our IR/C's horses, the same ones can be used for our normal horses? Do any of the ratio requirements change and if so how do I read it or calculate it differently?

I love the new format. Don't think I have checked them out since 2 years ago when I downloaded them to do my calculations. I like how the ratios are listed in the columns with everything else. And the workload categories are right there too.

I have to share with you a couple comments that the barn owner made about him. She called him and he talked to her for 45 minutes. He actually analyzes his hay and supposedly even the sugars. We are waiting for the analysis as we speak.
He asked her details about calcium, Ca:P ratios, minerals, etc and she told him that she had another "analyst" at her barn that would love to help him.
Now isn't that funny. I'm an "analyst".
Well thanks to this group and the fact I even had to deal with a horse that is IR & C's to seek out this group some almost 3 years ago.
Kathy Saucier & Magic (and my new normal horse Grayson)
North Texas

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