Jiaogulan - silly question

Deb Platt

How much Jialgulan to add to her diet every day?? She is 1250 pounds. 21+ year old appaloosa

Sorry for the newbie question - my mare has been diagnosed with IR - have had her insulin levels have been within normal limits - but she is still having problems lame on left front. I have been trying to read and learn from this site (I thought I had educated myself about IR - nothing compared to most of you folks!) I have done the Diet - low starch and hay soaking Dx - ran more blood test last week so far so good - but waiting on the new insulin levels - Trim - getting a natural balance person out to trim. and Excercised every day. Xrays show a one degree rotation that has been there since we have had her for 10 years - I have her hoof walls and soles thicker and in better condition than ever - she has to be trimed every 4-5 weeks. I work very close with my vet. Hay is being tested.

I have been using products from Blue ridge distributing and have had good results but she is not "there" yet - the lameness is the main issue. She appears happy and enjoys her turn out time on a dry lot (4 acres) with her herd mates.
Thanks for resonding
Deb P in NM

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