Re: SPAM-LOW: feeding suggestions for a chronic choker with cushings

Angela Lang

Hi Patti,

I have just completed Nevar's history and posted it. He was diagnosed with bloodwork. I will add some salt as he has been checked for all of the other obvious reasons for choking. (I guess he needs it anyway per the guidelines here) I guess my concern is he isn't eating (in my opinion) that much of the TCSS so I am thinking he isn't getting what he should be as far as balancing the minerals in his diet. I am thinking he is between 1300 - 1400lbs (vet's guess) and I know he is not eating 15 lbs of hay/feed. I would happily feed it to him but he refuses to eat it. He will eat some of it sometimes 2/3's and every once in awhile will finish it but it is rare for him to do so.

Pelleted might be an option for me as long as it will soak down to mush but he chokes on cubes. I tried cubes at his inital dianosis and after soaking them for 2 hours and me physically breaking up the obvious harder pieces for over 2 hours he of course found that one hard piece and had one of the worst choke episodes he has ever had. Plus I board at a facility and they will only do so much. I make sure I am the one to give his meds every day just cause there are too many variables it seems when you board your horse.

I will check out the safety guides and compare them to the new feed I am considering and will post any questions that I have.

Thanks so much for your suggestions..


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