Chantilly - x rays - bad news - Dr. Kellon

Karen <karen@...>

Dr. Kellon,
I have e-mailed the x rays from August this year and the ones I had
done today to you. I am having trouble posting them to the photo
section. I sent them to Paula to see if she could do it for me.
It is not good news. I am about ready to crash myself.
She actually seemed better today.
This is what the vet had to say.
Stall Rest with lots of bedding
Boots with pads
Bute for a few days.(I am giving her a scoop of phyto quench and 7
tsps. of Microlactin.) So do I do Bute? I also have some of Clairs
Devils Claw Formula.
Only Hay to eat. Her neck and fat pads have plumped up in the last
five days.
You had me giving her alfalfa pellets or beet pulp for the calcium
should I continue with them. Also her flax seed.

The vet also wants to bump up her pergolide. She was on 1.5 until
August 2007 then I put her on 2mg. She is going to have me add
another .5mg.

Any suggestions

I am so sad.

Karen, Chantilly and Tommi

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