Re: SPAM-LOW: feeding suggestions for a chronic choker with cushings


I have just completed Nevar's history and posted it. He was
diagnosed with bloodwork. I will add some salt as he has been
checked for all of the other obvious reasons for choking. (I guess he
needs it anyway per the guidelines here) I guess my concern is he
isn't eating (in my opinion) that much of the TCSS so I am thinking
he isn't getting what he should be as far as balancing the minerals
in his diet.

Hi Angela ~
This is the url for Nevar's history (include this in future posts : )

Hmmm - blood results are interesting. His "signs" all point to
insulin resistance - but the lab work, presuming there was no problem
with handling - and sounds like the new vet is savvy - doesn't.
The G:I ratio is 44.5 (glucose divided by insulin, <4.5 is IR,
between 4.5 and 10 is "compensated" IR) and RISQI is 0.71 (<0.32 is
His ACTH is elevated; this "could" be seasonal rise. But the
elevation, combined improvement with pergolide, would point to

One thing I feel you should do is to start weighing Nevar's feed -
either take a bucketful home or take a scale to the barn and see how
much of the Safe Starch he's actually getting/eating (people are
usually surprised when they actually weigh their feed).
But, as a ballpark, if a bag lasts him 3 days, he's getting enough
and does not need anything else in the way of minerals (except for
the salt).
Also, would be a good idea to weight tape him - they're not 100%
accurate but gives you a starting point to tell if he's
gaining/losing weight or staying stable.
Start the salt really small (a pinch or 1/4 teaspoon) and work up as
slow as need be (a couple of weeks) to get him up to 1-1/2 to 2oz/day.

Hay pellets will generally soak down to a mush - the Mtn Sunrise
Timothy pellets are small and soft (no binders or fillers).
Continuing him on a low sugar/starch diet certainly won't hurt.

BTW - you can download the G:I and RISQI calculator for your vet -
it's an Excel file in the files in folder #8,
under "calculators".

Patti K
Vail AZ

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